Flattracked: Roland Sands’ Dirty Duc

28 October 2011

Flattracked: Roland Sands’ Dirty Duc


Roland Sands is the Ex-AMA Champion and bike designer behind this wild Ducati Desmosedici-turned flattracker.  Apparently he’s kept as much as possible from the D166RR  The Dirty Duc unbelievably loud, which you might expect from a 990cc engine derived from a GP bike and adorned with custom pipes.



The best bit about this bike is that it’s road legal, and the riding position is ideal for carving up canyons.  The bike has 200bhp stock and has a slipper clutch—that monster motor combined with a usable riding position means that this bike must be a riot to ride.



Cycle World’s Mark Cernicky had the chance to take the Dirty Duc out onto the flattrack at Ventura Fairgrounds—though he found that the track wasn’t quite in the condition that he’d hoped.  Even so, he took it out for a few laps and got it pretty sideways; check out the footage in the video below.



Just how much owner Justyn Amstutz will ride this $200k masterpiece is anybody’s guess, but the fact that he took a D16RR and decided to make it more rideable is a good start!  We love the colors on this bike, and that where possible, Roland left the original D16RR bits alone.  If we had the cash, there’d be something like this in our garage.



From Cycle World


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