Rudi Bauer Drags His Handlebars!

06 September 2011

Rudi Bauer Drags His Handlebars!


This is not a trick shot. It is supermoto racer Rudi Bauer #69 showing that with enough skill and the right tires, it’s possible to ride through a corner with the handlebars scraping the pavement.


A photographer named Karin Mandl was able to capture this spectacular photo while Bauer trained for the Supermoto Intercup in Wöllersdorf this August. Bauer was on a Yamaha 450 equipped with Metzeler Racetec SM supermoto tires, and the results are nothing short of spectacular. Check out the way he muscles the bike through the corner—the shot of him dragging his bars is at 0:14 in the first video below. At first, it looks like his foot is helping to hold him up, but if he had pressure on it then it would grip and snap back. More likely he’s just trying to get it out of the way.



The Metzeler Racetec SM that Bauer runs come in two compounds for different track conditions. The tires have hit the European market and have a specially designed casing profile that allows outstanding cornering speeds and grip, as well as a gentle transition to sliding to allow the spectacular, sideways supermoto cornering techniques.


On-board footage:


Highside during practice:


roughly translated from


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