Redbull Lingotto: Vespas and Lambrettas storm Fiat’s rooftop test track

29 September 2011

Redbull Lingotto: Vespas and Lambrettas storm Fiat’s rooftop test track


On September 25th, Redbull held and event where owners of classic Vespa and Lambretta scooters were offered the chance to ride on Fiat’s famous Lingotto rooftop test track. Jalopnik readers may be familiar with the track—it was completed in 1923, and was the largest automobile factory in Europe. By far the most distinctive feature of the five-story building was its rooftop test track. It was more than a half-mile long and every Fiat went around it a few times before leaving the factory in order to make sure it had been assembled properly.


It was this famous site where a massive group of classic scooter owners gathered on the 25th to compete for the chance to race around the roof-top track.



There were four events. The first was a style contest searching for the best costume; it was judged by Italian Big Brother winner Grande Fratello and other B-list celebrities. Then it was on to test number two. Competitors had to disassemble and reassemble their front wheels as quickly as possible, and received bonus points for speed. The field was further narrowed down by a race to the rooftop; competitors were told to spend exactly 90 seconds on the way up. They lost points if they were too fast or too slow.



If riders scored well in the first three events, they were invited to ride on the rooftop. The object of the final contest was to complete two laps in identical times—it seems the easiest way to accomplish this would be to ride at full throttle! The overall victor was Giacomo Tiberti.


Pictures and info from from Hell for Leather and


More pictures at sip-scootershop’s flickr page


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