Dream Ride:  The Trans-America Trail

10 June 2011

Dream Ride: The Trans-America Trail


It’s getting close to the weekend and our weekend plans pale in comparison to our dreams. We’ve got the keys to that KLR we wrote about yesterday, and we have been discussing plans for long camping trips and lurid slides in the dirt. At first, it seemed like any camping trip would be limited to a long highway ride and then some off-road adventure, but this week we stumbled upon a ride that became our new dream trip, the Trans-America Trail, or TAT.


The TAT is the brainchild of Sam Correro, who scoured maps of the United States and explored the countryside in order to put together a 4800-mile trail that stretches from eastern Tennessee all the way to the Pacific coast of Oregon (the ride is 7% pavement, so a street-legal bike is necessary). Correro has procured maps, created roll-charts and captured GPS waypoints to help riders find their way along the route.


The official website says the trail consists of “dirt roads, gravel roads, jeep roads, forest roads and farm roads [and riders will find themselves] dropping down into dried-up creek beds. Riding atop abandoned railroad grades.” As riders head West, the trail gets more challenging, rockier, and scenic, and it seems like most of the terrain is suited for ~600cc enduros, although the most challenging parts favor smaller, more nimble bikes.


For more information on the Trans-America Trail, check out the official website and the many ride reports on ADVRider.


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