• Apr 16 2014

    Bend your mind with the Johammer J1


    Electric motorcycles used to raise eyebrows. Now they’re mainstream enough that it’s not out out of the ordinary to see one every month. Electric car sightings can be a weekly occurrence in big cities.

  • Apr 10 2014

    Malaysian highways have separated, motorcycle-only lanes.

    Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 3.35.33 PM

    To be filed under “why didn’t we think of this,” the motorcycle-only lanes of many a Malaysian highway. The reasoning is simple: If motorcycles fare poorly in bike on-car collisions, and that type of injury constitutes a disproportionate number of transportation injuries, why not segregate the two modes of transportation?

  • Apr 08 2014

    Metzeler riders storm the WEC in Catalunya


    It was a banner round for the Metzeler-equipped riders on their factory KTMs. Christophe Nambotin took first in E1, Antoine Meo came second in E2, and Ivan Cervantes secured first in E3.

  • Mar 24 2014

    Honda unveils their futuristic NM4 Vultus

    2014_NM4_Vultus (4)

    Honda continues to bring us the future of motorcycles, this time with their NM4 Vultus.  In Honda’s own words, the Vultus has an “identity not bound by standard motorcycle design, with strong echoes of futuristic bikes seen in Japanese movies.”  We don’t disagree—the Vultus will be the most futuristic-looking production bike ever. In fact, it’s [...]

  • Mar 21 2014

    BMW’s R NineT is a throwback on Roadtec Z8 Interacts


    The first reviews of BMW’s fantastic retro-style R NineT are coming in. BMW has poached the 1170 cc, 110 bhp horizontally opposed twin from the old R1200GS, and put it in a fantastic retro frame. To make sure the bike can cash the dynamic checks its looks write, BMW has made the wise decision to equip each R NineT with a fresh set of our new Z8 Interacts.